Meet the Pastors

Chad and Angel Dinkel have felt the calling to start a church for a few years. Sometimes it is easier to sit on a calling than run after it. Now is the right time to chase the dream God placed in their heart to create a space in Baton Rouge for anyone looking for purpose in their walk with Christ. It is a place where a person’s past or current circumstances do not determine their value because Jesus has a call for everyone.

The Dinkels have more than a decade of ministry behind them. Chad, an instrumental voice in starting and growing a successful addiction ministry and Angel who actively served in children’s ministry. Chad’s call to ministry is fueled by an acknowledgement that no matter how helpless a situation may seem, God does miracles today for those who many ignore or write off as failures. Angel’s call to ministry is fueled by acknowledging the importance of family. She loves seeing children fall in Love with Jesus and serving women—especially moms and future moms.

Chad, a Baton Rouge native, and Angel, a New Orleans native, are lifelong Louisianians. Angel works as a licensed speech pathologist in the Livingston Parish School System. They have been married for 13 years and have two precious sons, Brody (8) who is a future inventor and Abram (5) who is a future surfer dude.